Nigeria’s Efforts in ICT4D

Nigeria’s Efforts in ICT4D

Author by Prof. Roseline Opeke

Journal/Publisher: Babcock University Press

Volume/Edition: 1

Language: English

Pages: 299 - 307


Realizing the potentials of Information and Communication Technology to enable sustainable development, the Nigerian government approved certain policies and launched some information technology initiatives to bridge the digital divide and reposition the country for global participation. This paper discusses the impact of some of these policies and initiatives such as the National Telecommunications Policy, the National Space Policy, the National Technology Policy and National Biotechnology Policy, National Economic Empowerment Development Strategy (NEEDS) and the e-Nigeria Action Plan on social and economic empowerment in Nigeria.  The paper reviews the contributions of governmental organs like the National Communications Commission (NCC) and the National Information and Technology Development Agency (NITDA) towards capacity building in Nigeria. It also highlights the challenges to effective implementation and makes recommendations for policy action.

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