Cyber -Crimes and Cyber- Laws in Nigeria

Cyber -Crimes and Cyber- Laws in Nigeria

Author by Mr. Semiu, Akinpelu Ayinde

Journal/Publisher: The International Journal Of Engineering And Science (ijes)

Volume/Edition: 2

Language: English

Pages: 19 - 25


Cyber crime is a kind of crime that happens in cyberspace, that is, happens in the world of computer and the Internet. Cyber crime has become a global phenomenon; this kind of crime has the serious potential for severe impact on our lives, society, and economy because our society is becoming an information society where communication takes place in cyberspace. While there are several textbooks talking about cyber crime, but only few literatures focus on the relevant laws to combat these seemingly uncontrollable phenomenon. In other words, most materials talk about the crime of cyber crime, but this paper will talk more about cyber law. The discourse will start from origins, types, classifications, laws and propose recommendations to possibly reduce the growing problems in our society.

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