GenderCultureandDevelopment in Africa

GenderCultureandDevelopment in Africa

Author by Prof. Mobolanle Sotunsa

Journal/Publisher: Pan-african University Press

Volume/Edition: 1

Language: English

Pages: 1 - 651


The nexus, relationship and trajectory between gender, culture and development in Africa form the thematic thrust of this book; thus this volume derives its focus from culture and other material aspects of society that shape the lives and relationships of women and men in Africa. Since gender ideologies and legacies are culture specific, and culture bestows distinct identity on a people, this book seeks to interrogate how gender and culture engage within the African society to impact social redistribution of resources and power. Ultimately, the book achieves the goal of interrogating ways in which gender, culture and development in the African context reinforce, shape and reshape one another, and how intervening variables within politics and the larger society have implications for development outcomes.

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