Women in Africa: Contexts, Rights, Hegemonies

Women in Africa: Contexts, Rights, Hegemonies

Author by Prof. Mobolanle Sotunsa

Journal/Publisher: Bugas

Volume/Edition: 1

Language: English

Pages: 1 - 441


Women in Africa: Contexts, Rights, Hegemonies brings together competitive views, analysis, data and research about women within the African context. Contexts explores the varied locations and complex milieu dictating the circumstances of women in Africa, or within which African women are transforming their circumstances either poco a poco or more aggressively. Rights explores African women’s issues with reference to the now mainstreamed language of international human rights which feminist legal experts admits to be a recognised vocabulary for framing political and social wrongs. Hegemonies helps us understand the more fundamental ideational and structural issues of femininity, masculinity, matriarchy, patriarchy and power that construct the social world that produces the other expressions of women’s disadvantage and struggle discussed in the rest of the book.

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