Quality Evaluation of Bread Enriched With Mushroom Powder

Quality Evaluation of Bread Enriched With Mushroom Powder

Author by Dr. Bolade Adeoye

Journal/Publisher: Iosr Journal Of Environmental Science, Toxicology And Food Technology

Volume/Edition: 13

Language: English

Pages: 11 - 18



Bread samples were produced with 5 % and 10 % mushroom powder separately and bread without mushroom served as the control. The bread samples were analysed for functional properties, nutrient composition, and sensory qualities. The samples were stored for 6 days (28 oC ± 2) and the total fungi and total bacteria of the fresh samples were determined andduring storage at every 48 h. Data generated was subjected to analysis of variance (P ? 0.05) while means were separated by Duncan multiple range tests. Results showed that there was no significant difference in the specific volume and bread weight of the mushroom samples and the control. The protein, ash, fat, crude fibre and moisture content increased while carbohydrate decrease with increased percentage of mushroom. The control had the lowest moisture (16.50 %), crude protein (9.28 %), crude fat (14.70%), crude fibre (0.89) and ash content (1.75 %). There was no bacterial growth in the samples at the end of the experiment while total fungi count was 2.0 × 102 for 5 % containing mushroom bread and 8.0 × 102 for sample containing 10 % mushroom. There was no detectable fungal growth in the control. The mushroom bread samples were not significantly different in colour, aroma and texture from the control but were significantly different in taste and overall acceptability. Addition of mushroom to bread for the purpose of enrichment and with acceptable sensory quality and meaningful shelf life could be achieved at a level not exceeding 10 %.


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