Nutritional Composition and Quality Acceptability of Soft Candy

Nutritional Composition and Quality Acceptability of Soft Candy

Author by Dr. Ime Ani

Journal/Publisher: International Journal Of Research And Innovation In Applied Science.

Volume/Edition: 4

Language: English

Pages: 1 - 4


Abstract: - Tiger nut is an important food crop for certain tribes
in Africa. Nutritive, digestive and disinfective value of Tiger nut
has been documented. This research work was intended to
improve the recipe for preparation of toffee by incorporating
tiger nut milk, as a nutritional enrichment because of its
nutritional benefits. Toffee a soft candy was made into three
samples; sample B (100% cow milk) , sample C (50% milk and
50% tiger nut milk) and sample D (100% tiger nut milk), these
were compared with Sample A (commercial toffee; Éclairs).
Nutrient composition, quality acceptability and microbial count
were determined. Sample D had the highest moisture,
carbohydrate, dietary fiber, crude fiber and the lowest crude
protein, crude fat contents. These were all significant (p>0.05)
Sample A (commercial sample; éclair’s) was ranked highest for
flavor, color, texture, taste, texture, and overall acceptability.
Samples C and D were ranked lowest in texture and taste,
sample B was above average for all parameters and sample C
and D were above average for flavor, Odor , Color and Overall
acceptability, which were all significant at p>0.05. value ranged
from 1.0×10-1 to 6.4 × 10- 2 for samples B to D, For total fungal
count, sample C had the highest count of 1.7×10-2 for day 0, and
6.4 × 10-2 for 4 weeks and sample B had the lowest count of 1.0 ×
10-1 for day 0 and 4 weeks. Sample B had a total count of 1.0 ×
10-1 for both day 0 and 4 weeks. There were no bacterial growth
in samples C and D.

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