Human Computer Interaction and Smart Home Applications

Human Computer Interaction and Smart Home Applications

Author by Prof. Jonah Vincent Joshua

Journal/Publisher: Iup Publications

Volume/Edition: 15

Language: English

Pages: 7 - 21


The advent of human computer interaction(HCI) or Man-Machine Interaction orIinterfacing(MMI), has ushered in a lot of innovations, bringing about greater development in relation to smart homes. These developments were sparked by ubiquitous computing. HCL is a process that involves users as well as technology in the design which must satisfy the usability and functionality requirements. Smart home technology allows users to have control over their homes through automation of lighting system, security system, and electronic devices, among others. Many tools that are used in computer systems can also be integrated in smart home systems. Ubiquitous computing has transformed the way we live and relate in a wireless communication environment. This paper provides insights on areas of application of smart homes and HCI. Furthermore, requirements for smart home and HCI are examined. Also, the study considers issues in HCI and the future of HCI technology in relation to multimodality, intelligence, adaptive interfaces and active interfaces.

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