Determinants of productivity of Rice farmers in Ogun State

Determinants of productivity of Rice farmers in Ogun State

Author by Dr. Olubunmi Balogun

Journal/Publisher: Researchjournali’s Journal Of Agriculture

Volume/Edition: 3

Language: English

Pages: 1 - 8


This study examined determinants of productivity among rice farmers in Ogun state, Nigeria. Two-stage sampling method was employed for this study. Data was analysed using Descriptive statistics, Total factor productivity and Ordinary least squares regression analysis. Results showed that mean age of farmer and farming experience were 45.5 years and 15.5 years respectively. The regression result showed that age, age squared(life cycle of farmer),farm size, farming experience, numbers of years spent in school , number of days loss to sickness and household size significantly affected rice farmers productivity. The study recommends the enhancement of farmers’ access to education and the encouragement of the Youths to practice agriculture and be trained on the importance of farming in other to improve their productivity

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