Geographicalindicationsandculturalartworks inNigeria:Acuefromotherjurisdictions

Geographicalindicationsandculturalartworks inNigeria:Acuefromotherjurisdictions

Author by Dr. Ayoyemi Lawal Arowolo

Journal/Publisher: Journal Of World Intellectual Property

Volume/Edition: 2019

Language: English

Pages: 1 - 2


Developingcountries benefit from the registration of geographical indications (GIs) in the agricultural and artisan sectors. The extension of GIs to the artisan sector serves as a best practice to Nigeria. Nigeria has many indigenous forms of cultural artworks that are influenced by the environment. Artworks from places like Benin and other regions in Nigeria are location specific. This paper explores generally the utilization of GIs to protect cultural artworks and the monetary and nonmonetary benefits of such works. The trend of registering GIs to protect culture, arts, and traditional knowledge is crucial to the economic growth of Nigeria otherwise it deprives those dependent on the creation of cultural artworks of a means to benefit from their hard work by a process known to them for decades.

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