The Effect of Learning and Development on Employees’ Career Development in NNPC

The Effect of Learning and Development on Employees’ Career Development in NNPC

Author by Dr. Olive Egbuta

Journal/Publisher: Journal Of Resources Development And Management

Volume/Edition: 56

Language: English

Pages: 40 - 50


The study examine investigate the effect of learning and development practices on employee career development
in NNPC. The study adopted descriptive survey research design. The population of the research consisted of
9,024 top level, middle level and lower level management (Supervisors) staff of the NNPC who has spent more
than 5years in the organization and have up to 5 years before retirement age of 60 years and sample size of 1,960
was derived using Slovin formula and purposive sampling procedure. Structured questionnaire with a six point
modified Likert- Scale was administered with a 74.6% response rate (926) copies of the questionnaires came
correctly and were used for the study. The obtained from the questionnaire was analyzed quantitatively using
descriptive and inferential statistics. The results revealed that learning and development have a significant effect
in employee career development in NNPC. The also revealed that that learning and development policy satisfies
the career development needs of the employees of the Corporation. But, there is no established career path for
every employee and professional groups in NNPC. The study concludes that learning and development practices
have significant effect on Employee Career Development in NNPC. The study recommended that NNPC should
improve and expand their training programmes for employees by encouraging more employees’ participation
and free flow of information to enable all the staff aware of the Learning and development programme available
both locally and internationally.

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