Appraisal on Cloud Computing and Network Functions Virtualization

Appraisal on Cloud Computing and Network Functions Virtualization

Author by Dr. Folasade Ayankoya

Journal/Publisher: International Journal Of Computer Science And Network Security

Volume/Edition: 197

Language: English

Pages: 38 - 44


With an end goal to move the computing and networking industries from the present manual arrangement to automated solutions that are coordinated with the rest of the infrastructure, there have been a few developing technologies in the past couple of years, among them are cloud computing and network functions virtualization (NFV). “Comprehensively, every one of these solutions are intended to make computing and networking more automated and adaptable to help cloud and virtualized environment. These technologies are software-driven plans that guarantee to change service and application conveyance techniques, so as to increase network agility. In this article, a review of the two standards, featuring their key highlights and their relationship was presented; to give a comprehension of the two ideal models and how they explain diverse subsets of the large-scale issue of system versatility.

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