Public Private Partnership in Nigeria: Algorithm and Templates

Public Private Partnership in Nigeria: Algorithm and Templates

Author by Dr. Adesina Bello

Journal/Publisher: Nigerian Institute Of Advanced Legal Studies

Volume/Edition: 3

Language: English

Pages: 217 - 241


Public private partnership (PPP) is paramount for infrastructural development in Nigeria, particularly in the circles of oil and gas and electricity. The article analysed the activities of the PPP in Nigeria. It discovered that activities of PPP in Nigeria is significantly low both in urban and rural setting compared to other developing nations. It is rather unfortunate that Nigeria economy could not capitalize and maximize the opportunity offered by this concept. This article deduced that regulatory frameworks and non-availability of capital are the major setbacks for infrastructural development. The article concluded that holistic approach towards resolving mitigating problems of capital, undue bureaucracy and regulatory framework log jam will not only facilitate the growth and development of public private partnership but will accelerate the infrastructural facilities level to be in tandem with global standard.

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