The Impact of Child Abuse on Personal and Family Wholeness

The Impact of Child Abuse on Personal and Family Wholeness

Author by Dr. Evans Nwaomah

Journal/Publisher: Contemporary Humanities Journal,

Volume/Edition: 11

Language: English

Pages: 40 - 51


Child abuse in Nigeria appear to be on the surge nationwide and negatively impacts children’s Psycho-socio development.  This behaviour which brutalizes, traumatizes, intimidates children, can sometimes lead to death.  Hardly would a day pass by, without hearing or reading about child abuse in the news media or even witnessing one on the streets and highways. In Nigeria, it is common to see children of school age hawking one type of good or another on highways in the sun and under the rain in order to fend for themselves. Such hardships expose children to psychological trauma and impacts on their physical and emotional health. Childhood abuse in Nigeria is grossly under-reported due to cultural aberrations that consider such behaviour as corrective measures.  Such miss-conceptions, promote abuse against children. This study utilized a survey design to examine 135 participants in a private international secondary school in Ahoada East Local government of Rivers State, Nigeria.  Descriptive analysis involved simple percentages. The study identifies emotional/psychological abuse as significant among the participants of this study (65%). There is need for educational awareness, as preventive measures, in minimizing the impact of childhood abuse in the society.

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