Why Arbitration Triumphs Litigation.

Why Arbitration Triumphs Litigation.

Author by Dr. Adesina Bello

Journal/Publisher: Comparative Law Ejournal.

Volume/Edition: 19

Language: English

Pages: 12 - 25


Arbitration is programmed in such a way that from the beginning to the end. The time frame is known and agreed by the parties based on party’s agreement which is difficult in Litigation.

This article weighs the benefit between litigation and arbitration. This article reveals that business men and women are always in a hurry of resolving their disputes in the bid of protecting the growth of their various businesses. Hence owing to the flaws of litigation, they are compelled in looking for alternative means of resolving their disputes. This articles shows that arbitration has come to fill in the lacunas of litigation through stating the differences and grounds in which arbitration triumphs over and above litigation.

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