Statistics for Management and Social Sciences

Statistics for Management and Social Sciences

Author by Dr. Nneoma Amos

Journal/Publisher: Yca Consulting Firm, Lagos

Volume/Edition: 1

Language: English

Pages: 1 - 352


Statistics as a subject has come a long way in history in the field of pure, social and management sciences.  However, the study of Statistics by students and researchers’ in the field of social and management sciences have come with mixed feelings because of the great phobia some have developed for mathematics and quantitatively inclined subjects. There have been a lot of misconceptions formed about the subject overtime which includes:

  • Statistics deals strictly with “the collection of information shown in numbers”
  • it can only be understood by a few gifted in the field of mathematics
  • it is so complex to be understood so why bother try
  • it deals with abstraction and cannot fit into reality of life
  • there are so many formulas to memorise than any average human brain can handle.

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