Quality Education and Sustainable Development in Nigeria: The Role of Mass Media

Quality Education and Sustainable Development in Nigeria: The Role of Mass Media

Author by Dr. Clementina Chinemere Anasui

Journal/Publisher: Journal Of Economics And Sustainable Development

Volume/Edition: 10

Language: English

Pages: 107 - 115


This paper focuses on the role of the mass media in improving the standard of education, so that the students or
their audience can receive sustainable level of education and thereby enhance their learning experience for
sustainable development. In this age of economic and sustainable growth, the place of mass media in the
accumulation standard or quality education is necessary in Nigeria. Education of tomorrow will be able to play its
role more effectively by making the individuals creative, active and efficient. It further to say that the success of
education cannot be achieved merely by substituting mechanical methods for human beings, but by developing
new patterns using both human beings and technological advancements in order to teach more people better and
more rapidly. There are a good number of media for mass communication such as Radio, Television, Newspapers,
Films, etc. Media of communication is the medium by which a piece of information or knowledge is
communicated to the heterogeneous audience. The paper concludes that, as the role of the various agencies of
education like home, society, community etc. has consequently increased, so the role of mass media like television,
radio, cinema, and newspaper is equally increased. Therefore, the Mass media should be organized as integral part
of the educational programmes, and should not be separated from other curricular activities, in Nigerian
educational system.

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