Herdsmen/Native Farmers’ Violence in Nigeria

Herdsmen/Native Farmers’ Violence in Nigeria

Author by Dr. David Alao

Journal/Publisher: Mediterranean Journal Of Social Sciences

Volume/Edition: 10

Language: English

Pages: 38 - 48


The herdsmen/farmers’ violence in Benue State, Nigeria has constituted security challenges and could

have contributed to food insecurity as more than 2000 lives were lost in Nigeria and over 170,000 were

internally displaced in Benue state, a state tagged “food Basket of Nigeria”. The paper among others

examined the effects of the violence on food production in Benue State and Nigeria. It was descriptive

study that adopted mixed method, using quantitative and qualitative approaches by relying on secondary

data. The violence was negatively significantly correlated with sorghum production alone out of ten food

crops examined in Benue State (p<0>

relationship between food production in Benue State and Nigeria (p>0.05). Population growth was

significantly correlated with maize production only (p=0.023); agricultural budgetary allocation was

positively significantly correlated with rice production only (p=0.001). It concluded that food insecurity in

Nigeria was beyond herdsmen/farmers’ violence. It recommended modernization and transformation of

agriculture to increase food production and government should develop political will and be proactive in

confronting security challenges in an inclusive manner.

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