Print Media and Electoral Process in Nigeria

Print Media and Electoral Process in Nigeria

Author by Dr. Chibuzor Ayodele Nwaodike

Journal/Publisher: Jurnal Studi Pemerintahan (journal Of Government & Politics)

Volume/Edition: 11

Language: English

Pages: 229 - 254


Elections in many developing countries such as Nigeria remain complex and
cannot be handled solely by the government, as a vibrant print media is part of
this exercise. Unfortunately, the Nigerian electoral process cannot be said to
enjoy free, fair, and credible elections. The main objective of the study was to
examine the role of the print media in the electoral process in Nigeria. Research
design for the study was descriptive research, which combined both qualitative
and quantitative methods. The sample was divided into two categories of a
total of eight hundred and twenty (820) questionnaire respondents and sixteen
(16) key respondents and interviewees from the Federal Capital Territory (FCT),
Abuja and Lagos State, being the hub of media establishments and highly
cosmopolitan locations in Nigeria. The study used survey, interview, and observation
methods of data collection. Quantitative analysis was done using responses
elicited from structured questionnaires. Content analysis of qualitative
data was carried out on the selected 10 print media publications based on

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