Brexit, Migration Crisis and Sustainability of Integration in European Union

Brexit, Migration Crisis and Sustainability of Integration in European Union

Author by Dr. Eyitayo Adewumi

Journal/Publisher: Iosr Journal Of Humanities And Social Science (iosr-jhss)

Volume/Edition: 25

Language: English

Pages: 59 - 69


Over the years, the European Union has stood has a unique representation of cooperation and integration. It was built through a series of binding treaties and has the characteristics of both a supranational and inter-governmental organisation. The Union has at the same time, harmonize laws and adopt common policies whereby member states share a customs union, single market, a common trade policy, a common agricultural policy and a common currency (the Euro). However, the union in recent time have been challenged with range of political and economic pressures which raises questions about the sustainability of integration in the region. The paper then adopted a qualitative research design making use of the descriptive method. It relied mainly on secondary sources of information and adopted content analysis in the analysis of data collected. The paper was also anchored on the functionalist theory which helps to understand where the problems lies with the European system. The paper then found out that the inability of the union to however confront new challenges like the influx of migrants into Europe and the proposed exit of Britain from the Union (Brexit), threats to citizens safety to mention a few proves that European policies are becoming dysfunctional. Not only in terms of implementation of possibilities in concrete situations but also in relation to the fundamental values of the Union which is Integration. The paper then suggest a political union and improved policies to confront the challenges which threatens integration in the region.

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