Electronic Medical Record and Security Concerns

Electronic Medical Record and Security Concerns

Author by Mr. Nkem Obaloje

Journal/Publisher: International Journal Of Scientific Research In Computer Science, Engineering And Information Technology (ijsrcseit)

Volume/Edition: 6

Language: English

Pages: 235 - 246


 A number of critical questions remain unanswered in Health-care organizations, which are key to tactical planning, remaining competitive, among other issues that seek for answers from the information technologies spheres. Numerous establishments are evolving to fuse clinical computer unit, which dispense a solitary point of entry for permission to administrative, patient-related and research information. The medical record in a new embodiment lies at the center of developing clinical computer unit: accessible, protected, confidential, acceptable to patients and clinicians; fused with other, non-patient information that are specific. This study presented a review of Electronic Medical Record (EMR), security concerns and security frameworks proposed to improve the security concerns of EMRs. This study was able to provide an insight into the security concerns of EMRs, as well as, the barriers in use and adoption of EMR by health institutions which will bring about improved health services, especially in developing countries where manual record system are still prominent.

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