The Role of Policy, Media and e-Health in Healthcare Tourism among the Rich in Nigeria

The Role of Policy, Media and e-Health in Healthcare Tourism among the Rich in Nigeria

Author by Mrs. Esther Esobuneta Nwaomah

Journal/Publisher: Journal Of History & International Relations Bujohis

Volume/Edition: 5

Language: English

Pages: 25 - 38


Medical tourism has become a habit among affluent Nigerians due to the deplorable state of the health care system in Nigeria. Every month, wealthy Nigerians with medical problems leave the country for various forms of treatment abroad because of inadequacies of the Nigerian Healthcare system. This practice is not only a drain on the ailing Nigerian economy, but an encouragement for backwardness in developing healthcare infrastructure that could attract foreign investment and create Jobs for her teaming population.  Although the healthcare delivery environment is frequently changing as the world is undergoing emerging technologies and globalization in all specialties, but Nigeria is yet to fully utilize this opportunity to develop her healthcare sector. This age has witnessed more trans-border travel for the pursuant of health and medical care among patients from both developed and the developing countries of the world. This paper, using descriptive methods, examined scholarly literature to describe health care and medical tourism, evaluate the roles of policy, media and e-health as factors that influenced health care tourism trade among affluent Nigerians. This paper is of the opinion that the benefits of developing healthcare systems and infrastructure in Nigeria, though enormous, would be beneficial to the Nigerian economy.

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