Re- Configuring the Nigerian Federal State

Re- Configuring the Nigerian Federal State

Author by Dr. Olawole Ojo

Journal/Publisher: Departments Of Business Administartion And Eduaction Management Lead City University

Volume/Edition: 2

Language: English

Pages: 41 - 54


The 1914 amalgamation- a pragmatic strategy to fuse both the northern and southern protectorates together- is now being remembered as a “geographical mistake”. There is some acknowledgement that the “holding together”, the palpable sense of belonging to a common geographical contiguity requires something more substantial to sustain it than efficient economic management. There is now the need for Nigerians to determine their own democratic future in line with the democratic principle of consent. Really, what is the root cause of the problem?

Does the fault line lies with the constitution itself or the practitioners? Answering this question necessitated focusing on how power sharing mechanism can be involve to promote inter ethnic inclusiveness. The paper adopted the historical, descriptive analytical approach as its method of study. The paper to all intern and purpose is qualitative in nature, it highlighted the problem and uphill task faced by the practitioners of the Nigerian constitution vis-à-vis the fractionalised ethnic mosaic. The study relied extensively on the secondary sources of information such as newspapers, journals, textbook and internet, while it adopted the APA style of referencing. The paper therefore concluded that it is integration mechanism that has been holding the fragile federation together. Nigeria, indeed can only seek integration upon the continuing and basic fact of ethnic diversity.

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