Did Nimrod Build the Tower of Babel?

Did Nimrod Build the Tower of Babel?

Author by Prof. Michael O. Akpa

Journal/Publisher: Asia Adventist Seminary Studies

Volume/Edition: 7

Language: English

Pages: 103 - 112


The person and activities of Nimrod are highly debated among biblical scholars. On the one hand, there is no consensus regarding his identity. Consequently, Nimrod has been identified as a Mesopotamian god, a legendary Mesopotamian hero or eponym, a historical Mesopotamian or Egyptian king, or simply a historic person. On the other hand, some scholars believe that the activities of Nimrod were hostile and directed against God. They claim that the crowning evil act of Nimrod was building the Tower of Babel. However, a critical evaluation of this claim reveals that it is not based on reliable foundations. Hence, in response to this, and using both biblical and non-biblical data, this paper seeks to ascertain whether or not Nimrod built the Tower of Babel.

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