“Global cybersecurity legislation?” – Factors, perspective & implications

“Global cybersecurity legislation?” – Factors, perspective & implications

Author by Dr. Emmanuel C. Ogu

Journal/Publisher: International Journal Of Business Continuity And Risk Management (ijbcrm)

Volume/Edition: 10

Language: English

Pages: 80 - 93


As at the time of writing this research, no globally adopted and unified legislation for cybersecurity exists that is currently operational, despite rife global clamours for such a legislative framework. This paper synthesizes and reviews some of the key imposing factors, putting in perspective the surrounding realities that impede the successful actualisation of such a framework, using the qualitative-exploratory research methodology. Also presenting the implications of these factors and associated realities for cyber peacekeeping and the struggle for a utopian global information society, and then proposing recommendations pertaining the feasibility and operability of a global cybersecurity legal framework.

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