Culture, Religion and National Identity Question in Nigeria.

Culture, Religion and National Identity Question in Nigeria.

Author by Dr. Aaron Ogundiwin

Journal/Publisher: Research Journal Of Humanities, Legal Studies And International Development

Volume/Edition: 4

Language: English

Pages: 168 - 179



igeria is an independent nation that experienced violent conflicts emanating from multi-cultural and religious diversified nomenclature.

The nexus between culture, religion, and national identity were examined and the paper presented the historical background that caused imbalances created by the marriage between different sections that formed Nigeria. The study revealed that national identity in Nigerian was an attempt to produce unity in diversity despite the socio-cultural differences. Moreover, this created more conflicts and presented difficulties to national unity and peaceful co-existence through the lens of religious sentiments and culturally motivated identities. However, the paper recommended that national identity can be realized through an improved civic culture; understanding, respecting, and accepting differences occasioned by socio-cultural and religious diversity, constitutional amendment to adopt single citizenship and the development of institutions and mechanisms that address poverty, economic equity, political inclusiveness, national above sectional attitudes and nationalism.

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