Fundamentals of Health Principles: Theory and Practice

Fundamentals of Health Principles: Theory and Practice

Author by Dr. Saratu Ajike

Journal/Publisher: Positive Press

Volume/Edition: 2

Language: English

Pages: 1 - 155


This book gives a historical insight to how God created man to be in perfect health at all times. It gives information about public health and what determines health as related to the physical, mental, spiritual, and ecological environment of man. The gift of the love of God is also emphasized.

The book discusses basic human anatomy and physiology with a concentration on the cell, tissue, and organs and the interaction among the systems.

Food hygiene, human activities within the environment and the safety precautions required to enhance health are enumerated. It also spans air quality, housing, water, waste management, as well as wastewater management. A classic analysis of drugs prescribes by health practitioners and health assistants and dangers associated are also outlined. The side effects of the substances and the misuse of drugs are discussed in details. 

The book was jointly written by the authors lusted who contributed from their various aspects of interest and expertise.

This book is expected to have a positive impact on anyone who reads it.  

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