Formal Methods in Information Security

Formal Methods in Information Security

Author by Dr. Adebowale Ajayi

Journal/Publisher: International Journal Of Computers & Technology

Volume/Edition: 14

Language: English

Pages: 5621 - 5631


Formal methods use mathematical models for analysis and verification at any part of the program life-cycle. The use of formal methods is admitted, recommended, and sometimes prescribed in safety-and security-related standards dealing, e.g., with avionics, railways, nuclear energy, and secure information systems.

This paper describes the state of the art in the industrial use of formal methods ininformation security with a focus on verification of security protocols. Given the vast scope of available solutions, attention has been focused just on the most popular and most representative ones, without exhaustiveness claims.

We describe some of the highlights of our survey by presenting a series of industrial projects, and we draw some observations from these surveys and records of experience. Based on this, we discuss issues surrounding the industrial adoption of formal methods in security protocol engineering.

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