A Patient Monitoring System Using Internet of Things Technology

A Patient Monitoring System Using Internet of Things Technology

Author by Dr. Oreoluwa Adesegun

Journal/Publisher: Ingénierie Des Systèmes D’information

Volume/Edition: 25

Language: English

Pages: 351 - 357


Monitoring of patients have become one of the major problems in our society, particularly in large communities where the patient-to-doctor ratio is very small. This has resulted in the growing usage of remote monitoring systems around the world using various technologies like 'Internet of Things'(IoTs). The significant problem is that it is impossible for physicians to monitor all patients at once particularly in hospitals and clinics where there are clearly not many available. The health of patients would be compromised if they are not managed on time and they risk developing further complications. This research aims to develop a patient monitoring system, that incorporates the use of ‘Internet of Things’ technology to enable the device provide information about the patient’s vitals over the internet. To achieve this, a system was developed using ATMEA328P microcontroller along with ESP8266 Wi-Fi module that enabled internet connectivity and was also interfaced with the microcontroller serially for exchange of data. Hence, a health monitoring system that renders information about the vitals of a recuperating patient, through the use of IoTs was developed. Furthermore, this study would enable decrease of manual checking thus, increasing the efficiency and throughput of medical professionals. The proposed system recorded a success rate of 80 percent of the transmitted data over the internet when tested on 10 individuals with accurate conversion of raw data into readable format in all successful transmitted data. The device would be of use to various people at home, hospital and other places.

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