Social Media: Protagonists for Terrorism in Nigeria

Social Media: Protagonists for Terrorism in Nigeria

Author by Dr. Yinka Olomojobi

Journal/Publisher: International Journal Of Cyber Warfare And Terrorism (ijcwt)

Volume/Edition: 111

Language: English

Pages: 31 - 44


Terrorism is ubiquitous, most states around the world have experienced some form of terrorism. Terrorism has undermined the profile of Nigeria and has generated a tense and fragile political system. This paper underscores that the prevalence of grievance and the lack of an innovative economic base in Nigeria are amongst the key factors that stimulate terrorism in the state. In Nigeria, terrorist activities have become endemic. A cursory look on these activities, has proven that social media has become a source for propagating terrorism. This has generated multifarious security challenges as well. This paper is aimed at analyzing terrorism and social media. It further proceeds to examine the main thrust of the paper submitting that social media is a viable tool for terrorists. From this stand point, the paper explores a case study analysis, to further explain and evaluate the symbiotic relationship between social media and terrorism in Nigeria.

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