An Assessment of Broiler value chain in Nigeria

An Assessment of Broiler value chain in Nigeria

Author by Dr. Monisola Alao

Journal/Publisher: . Journal Of Open Agriculture,

Volume/Edition: 6

Language: English

Pages: 296 - 307


Livestock sub-sector of agriculture plays a vital role in the development of emerging economies in terms ofprovisionofhighqualityproteinandemploymentgeneration through its value chain activities. Yet, little is known about value chain development in this important sub-sector of the Nigeria economy. Hence, this study assessed Broiler Value Chain (BVC) in Nigeria. Primary data were collected from various actors along the value chain between November 2017 and March, 2018. Nigeria BVC is relatively simple with only ?ve main actors. Grandparent Stock (GPS) farmers supply breeder Day Old Chicks (DOCs) to Parent Stock (PS) farmers. PS farmers supply commercial DOCs to commercial broiler farmers. Commercial farmers sell mature broilers to mature live broiler marketers (63%) and processors (37%). Processors sell processed meat to household consumers(12%)and88%tofastfoodoutlets,hotels,restaurants, and supermarkets with no export who in turn sell to individual and household consumers. High cost of feed, lack of credit facilities, and weak infrastructure were the major constraints facing production, marketing, and processing of broilers, respectively. Policies aiming atthedevelopmentofBVCshouldfocusonlow/noexport of broiler meat and high import of materials as well as other constraints.

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