Work Life Balance and Job Satisfaction of Employees in Murtala Muhammed and Victor Attah International Airports in Nigeria

Work Life Balance and Job Satisfaction of Employees in Murtala Muhammed and Victor Attah International Airports in Nigeria

Author by Dr. Chibuzor Ayodele Nwaodike

Journal/Publisher: Kampala International University Journal Of Social Science

Volume/Edition: 7

Language: English

Pages: 111 - 120


Abstract. Work life balance is expected to facilitate
the prioritisation of work role and employee?s
satisfaction to be in a good state of mind and attain
optimum performance in the workplace. Regrettably,
the facilities in the Nigerians airports are
substandard, dilapidated and not conducive for
workplace and satisfaction of airport users. The main
objective of this study was to investigate the effect of
work-life balance on employee satisfaction in
Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA) and Victor
Attah International Airport (VAIA). Mixed method
design was used for the study. 1,725 of FAAN
employees in MMA and 291 of State employees in
VAIA constituted the population. The sample size
was determined with Krejcie and Morgan (1970) and
Census approach to arrive at 604. Multi Stage,
Ppurposive and stratified sampling techniques were
used. Stratified sampling on the premise that FAAN
has 30 airports nationwide in six geo-political zones
and these airports cannot all be researched. Victor
Attah International Airport was purposely selected
because is one of the five state managed airports in
Nigeria. Instrument of data collection was
questionnaire and unstructured interview. 604
questionnaire was administered to employees of the
two airports and response rate was 67%. Descriptive
and inferential statistics was used to analyse data.
The findings revealed that work stress affects the
home and quality family life of the employees.
Again, there is no job satisfaction among the
employees of FAAN in MMA while their
counterparts in VAIA had job satisfaction.
Conclusively, work life balance has the capability to
job satisfaction of an employee and can possibly
influence the changes in employee performance in
the two airports. It was therefore, recommended that
Management of MMA and VAIA provide enabling
work environment, rewards system, adequate training
programs, and required tools and equipment in other
to encourage, and boost the satisfaction and
performance of employees.
Keywords: Work-Life Balance, Employee,
Performance, Airport, Policy

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