An Improved Assessment of Personality Traits in Software Engineering

An Improved Assessment of Personality Traits in Software Engineering

Author by Prof. Awodele Oludele

Journal/Publisher: Interdisciplinary Journal Of Information, Knowledge, And Management

Volume/Edition: 2

Language: English

Pages: 163 - 177


The success or otherwise of Software Engineering (SE) activities depends on the interactions
among software engineers. Consequently, effective interactions depend largely on personality
traits, which is a consistent and long-lasting tendency in behaviour. In psychology, five major
trait factors (The Big Five Factors) have been generally used to assess personality of people. But,
these might not be adequate in SE because of the required technical and cognitive skills. In this
work, we first present Cognitive Ability as an additional factor that must be measured in order to
adequately assess personality in SE. A research survey was conducted in order to capture personality
requirements in SE. Based on the result of the survey conducted, we develop a model for
assessing personality traits in SE. We then design an assessment technique that is based on responses
to some well-structured and deductive on-line questions. The implementation of the
model using Visual Basic resulted in a much-needed tool that can guide intending software engineers
in choosing area of specialization in SE based on their personality traits.

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