The Roles of the Nigerian Laws in Combating Human Trafficking

The Roles of the Nigerian Laws in Combating Human Trafficking

Author by Dr. Eyitayo Adewumi

Journal/Publisher: International Journal Of Social Sciences And Humanities Reviews

Volume/Edition: 11

Language: English

Pages: 244 - 250


With the many laws that have been enacted coupled with the adoption of international treaties and conventions, one would assume that the Nigeria Legal System has finally been able to nib human trafficking in the bud. Instead this menace has prospered and grown to adopt other criminal activities like organ harvesting and a global network of traffickers.  This shows the loopholes that exist in our judicial system and also how this same corruption has eaten deep into the entire country. With this in place, what is the hope of the victims if the perpetrators keep walking free and exploiting other less privileged Nigerians? Is the law able to fight this menace or has the law failed the masses. With the victims of human trafficking being constantly exposed to torture, prostitution, forced labour and exploitation, it becomes imperative to continue to raise awareness on the dangers of this menace, re-define explicitly in our laws what should be considered human trafficking, punish offenders severely and continue to fight for the human race.

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