Development of a Microcontroller Based Robotic Arm

Development of a Microcontroller Based Robotic Arm

Author by Prof. Awodele Oludele

Journal/Publisher: Proceedings Of The 2007 Computer Science And It Education Conference

Volume/Edition: 1

Language: English

Pages: 549 - 557


Robotic arm has become popular in the world of robotics. The essential part of the robotic arm is
a programmable microcontroller based brick capable of driving basically three stepper motors
design to form an anthropomorphic structure. The first design was for experimental use on a human-
size industrial robot arm called PUMA 560 used to explore issues in versatile object handling
and compliance control in grasp actions (Bejczy & Jau, 1986). This paper explains the
method of interfacing the robotic arm stepper motors with the programmed 8051-based microcontroller
which are used to control the robot operations. We have employed the assembly language
in programming our microcontroller. A sample robot which can grab (by magnetizing) and
release small objects (by demagnetizing) is built for demonstrating the method explained.

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