Landmark and New Essays in Literary and Linguistic Theory and Criticisms

Landmark and New Essays in Literary and Linguistic Theory and Criticisms

Author by F. B. O. Akporobaro

Journal/Publisher: Princeton Publishing Co, Lagos

Volume/Edition: 1

Language: English

Pages: 1 - 704


The major aim of this book is to provide essential canonical reading papers which can raise the standard of knowledge acquisition, learning and teaching at both the undergraduate and post graduate levels in our universities. Today there is an acute awareness of the declining standard of academic learning and performance on the part of undergraduates in our Universities. Majorly, there is the unwillingness of students to take up books to read and digest. Secondly, there is also the problem of the scarcity and availability of good reading and teaching materials which can inspire and challenge the  student and provide models of serious and good analysis of texts, theorising of texts, and the coherent marshalling of arguments into a lucid and sustained discussion that flows generating ideas in the head and mind of the reader. Both laziness and dearth of instructional materials as well as the infrastructural malaise in the environment are contributing factors to the low standard of educational delivery.

This book is designed to make a contribution to the situation by provinding a handful of examples of analysis, theoretical statements, methodologies and lines of arguments which can be of benefit to the student seeking to improve herself or himself.

The essays by Seymour Chatman, A. C. Bradley, J. P. Clark, Bekederemo, Flora Nwampa, and Professor Omoniyi Adewoye are some examples needed in a PhD programme. Many of the other essays are good in terms of  their original and insightful statements. the essays in this volume are intended to provide examples of both home and local productions which can both inspire and provide new lines and perspectives of further research and academic writing in the field of literary and linguistic studies.

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