Combating Organized Trans-Boarder Crimes in Nigeria

Combating Organized Trans-Boarder Crimes in Nigeria

Author by Dr. Ezedikachi Eze-michael

Journal/Publisher: Kiu Journal Of Humanities

Volume/Edition: 6

Language: English

Pages: 111 - 120


Abstract. Trans-border crimes have created worries
for potential defenceless casualties and victims. It is
against the foregoing, that the study investigated
organised trans-border crimes and the efforts made at
combating human trafficking in Nigeria. The borders
used are situated in Lagos, Edo and Port Harcourt.
The study adopted quantitative method and survey
research. The instrument used was a well-constructed
questionnaire for the collection of primary data.
Articles, journals, and materials from internet
complemented the major sources. Findings revealed
that there is significant relationship between human
trafficking and socio economic growth. There exist
harmful consequences of trans-border crimes and that
have threatened the socio-economic growth in
Nigeria. The study concluded that human trafficking
has a negative effect on socio economic growth in
Nigeria. It was recommended that, government
should look into factors necessitating trans-border
crimes and take legal actions against offenders

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