Telling the truth and ethical perspectives in corporate decision making

Telling the truth and ethical perspectives in corporate decision making

Author by Dr. Monisola Alao

Journal/Publisher: Journal Of Management And Corporate Governance

Volume/Edition: 9

Language: English

Pages: 1 - 18


The study investigates the rationales for human action to determine whether individual members of corporate boards act in ethically and truthfully. It involves some difficulties regarding interpretations of ethics and what it means to tell the truth and act ethically. This paper initially provides a discussion regarding theoretical notions of truth and ethical positions about issues raised regarding expedient lying and impacts on communication. Second, it overviews matters relating to corporate governance and identifies methodological approaches to be used in the analysis. Finally, the precise questions to be investigated and methods of data collection are posted. In this context, problems the study may encounter are outlined and workable solutions identified. In short, the research deals with the area of study (corporate governance) about telling the truth, ethical perspectives and institutional decision-making. The study draws together distinct philosophical perspectives that are usually used in isolation. Moreover, provide only one aspect of understanding and enable validity or reliability; the study provided greater insight into the rationale for human action in the context of telling the truth and acting ethically

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