Media Convergence Considerations for Faith-based Media Organisations

Media Convergence Considerations for Faith-based Media Organisations

Author by Dr. Margaret Solo-anaeto

Journal/Publisher: Media, Faith & Values: A Feststricht In Honour Of The Life & Works Of Prof. J. B. Kio

Volume/Edition: 1

Language: English

Pages: 27 - 40


Mass communication and the media industry have experienced changes and shifts as a result of the Internet and Information Communication Technologies (ICTs).  The concept of media convergence explains the fusion of ICTs and mass communication processes impacting production, distribution and reception of media contents.  This paper elucidates on the concept of media convergence, forms of media convergence and sheds light on the positive impact of media convergence in communication as well as the drawbacks and negative impacts.  It also highlights the implication for media convergence for faith-based media organisations. The paper concludes that media convergence is a reality that media audiences and faith-based media organizations have to accept. And that faith-based media organizations in Nigeria should fully digitize media operations as this will enable them fully enjoy the benefits of media convergence and be able to fully deliver maximum services to their audiences.

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