Common errors in academic writing

Common errors in academic writing

Author by Dr. Isaiah Abolarin

Journal/Publisher: Babcock University Press

Volume/Edition: 1

Language: English

Pages: 1 - 102


One primary aim of education is to produce disciplined and conscientious people. Little wonder reference is made to areas of specializations as "dsiciplines". However, this lofty aim cannot be achieved unless there is a correct perception and understanding of the need to uphold standards in the academic process. There is a current, disheartening preoccupation with grades and certification at the expense of thorough academic work, especially in the aspect of writing and research. Every rule and standard is important in academic writing and should be treated with utmost regard. the book calls the attention of everyone involved in higher education to tthe things that are often termed insignificant but have continued to rip the fabric of academic excellence apart thereby making national development a perpetual dream. 

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