RED-I: A RED-Based Algorithm for Internet Routers

RED-I: A RED-Based Algorithm for Internet Routers

Author by Dr. Samson O. Ogunlere

Journal/Publisher: Journal Of Communications

Volume/Edition: 17

Language: English

Pages: 260 - 266


n essential goal of Active Queue Management (AQM) algorithm is to improve delay by keeping the average queue size low and maintain a high throughput. However, Random Early Detection (RED) and its various improved variants have not been able to achieve much in this regard. This paper is concerned with the problem of RED in terms of large delay resulting from RED’s inability to keep the average queue size small. Therefore, we propose a new RED-based AQM algorithm named RED-Improved (RED-I) which utilizes two linear packet dropping functions. ns-3 simulation experiments to compare the performance of the proposed RED-I with RED confirmed that RED-I outperformed RED in terms of delay especially at both light and heavy traffic load scenarios. Replacing/upgrading the RED algorithm implementations in Internet routers (either software or hardware) requires minimal effort since only the packet dropping probability profile needs to be adjusted. 

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