Practical Standard Histological Techniques made easy

Practical Standard Histological Techniques made easy

Author by Mrs. Chinenye Okorochi

Journal/Publisher: Favoured House Concept, Owerri, Imo State

Volume/Edition: 1

Language: English

Pages: 1 - 152


This book (Practical Standard Histological Techniques made easy) has presnted histology/histopathology practical in a nutshell. It has simplified and classified histology in a practical manner. This book has been written as the framework of histology practical only and therefore recommends other histology/histopathology main text and atlas for a better understanding. The main aim of this book is to appreciate the concept of this course as an art, craft or science of processing and demonstrating the various tissue components. It is for this reason that various aspects involved in histology practical have been treated in this book. These include the code of  professional conduct, safety precaution in a histology laboratory, tissue processing, various staining techniques and their tissue reactions,tissue microscopy/slide reading, steps on how to prepare commonly used stains in histology laboratory. All these topics were specifically treated in each chapter. This book is recommended to all health professional especially medical laboratory personnels, internees, undergraduates and postgraduate students of medical laboratory science for their professional examinations, pre- internship examination especially to those offering histology as their major area of specialty. Moreso, in the course of writing this book, wide consultations with various authorities and other relevant sources of information were made.

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