Preliminary Report of the Blood Pressure of Medical Students in a Faith - Based Institution

Preliminary Report of the Blood Pressure of Medical Students in a Faith - Based Institution

Author by Mr. Gabriel Noblefather Uyaiabasi

Journal/Publisher: 3rd International Conference For Faith Integration

Volume/Edition: 2

Language: English

Pages: 29 - 30


Introduction: The medical program is one of the most stressful course of study. It is both intellectually and physically demanding. Benjamin Carson School of Medicine (BCSM) of Babcock University, a Faith-Based institution incorporates certain biblical concepts such vegetarian diet, physical activity and mandatory spiritual worship programs in training students, which some often complain to be stressful.

Methodology: The Pharmacology Department of the School has been measuring the Blood Pressure (BP) of 400 Level students at the terminal part of Pathology/Pharmacology posting for 3 years. The demographics and vital signs of students who are willing and give verbal consent, are taken at baseline and after completing a light exercise of 40 minutes.

Findings and Discussion: There has been reports in literature of increasing BP among young people and undergraduate students. The findings of the experiment showed that the medical students had excellent BP with a mean BP of 110 mmHg, which was consistent in all the three different medical sets assessed. The BP was not affected by light exercise. Males had a statistically significant higher systolic blood pressure (SBP) compared to females in all the sets assessed.

Conclusion: Though, this is a preliminary report for 3 years, data so far suggest that the BP of medical students in Babcock are optimum when compared to literature. A long term monitoring BP is required and possible factors responsible identified.

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