Broadband Internet Penetration in Nigeria: A Review

Broadband Internet Penetration in Nigeria: A Review

Author by Dr. Afolashade Kuyoro

Language: English


Broadband Internet is high-speed Internet access that is always on. The disparity in access level in homes in Nigeria have been a concern. Digital divide refers to the gap between people that have access to modern information and communications technology, and those that do not or have restricted access. The internet plays a vital role in dissemination of information applying technology. Despite the availability of information technology and use of internet there exists a gap between those that have access, those that have no access and those that have restricted access. A lot of work has been done by different researchers on digital divide as it relates to many applications. This work review different works and identified that there is major factors that affect broadband internet penetration in Nigeria. It went further to identify some of the initiatives by Nigerian Government in reducing the divide

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