Dr. Stanley I. R. Okoduwa

Type-2 Diabetes, Bioremediation, Phytomedicine

About Dr. Stanley I. R. Okoduwa


Dr. S.I.R. Okoduwa’s overarching goal focuses on innovative research that would improve the quality of human life. Personal research motivation is on medical biochemistry/toxicology. Specifically, is the development of novel therapeutics for Type 2 diabetes and animal models for investigation of diseases. Distinct area of interest includes Type 2 diabetes and medicinal plants. Other areas of research interest are toxicology, bioremediation and recycling. Current attention is on extensive screening of medicinal plants used for management of diabetes mellitus in Nigeria using modern spectroscopic techniques, elucidation of their therapeutic potentials, investigation of their mechanisms of action and subsequently, isolation of their bioactive components for possible drug development.

Area of Research

Type-2 Diabetes, Bioremediation, Phytomedicine