Prof. Titilayo Aderibigbe

Medical Law,

About Prof. Titilayo Aderibigbe


I am Titilayo Oyenihun Aderibigbe, Professor of Medical Law, Babcock University, School of Law and Security Studies. I am very passionate about the synergy between law and medicine especially from an African persperctive. I have been involved in issues dealing with reproductive health and rights among Nigerian women which I did with colleagues from other disciplines. I have embarked on reserch on adolescent sexuality, fathehood and its implications and mental health from a legal aspect- this too was an inter-disciplinary research. Right now my research focus is in the area of traditional methods of mental health healing in Nigeria and how this can be incorporated into our health care system through the instrumentality of the law. I started the empirical research in 2020. Covid has affected the research somewhat, but i do hope to conclude as soon as possible. I am a member of several national and international associations . Apart from being a lecturer, I am also a lawyer by profession with over 34 years post call experience. I am willing to collaborate with like-minded people in my area of interests from anywhere in the world.

Area of Research

Medical Law,