Dr. Chinomso Nwozichi

Oncology Nursing, Adult health Nursing, Cancer-related information

About Dr. Chinomso Nwozichi


Dr. Chinomso U. NWOZICHI is a lecturer and researcher at the department of Adult health Nursing, Babcock University School of Nursing, Nigeria. He is a registered Nurse, Registered Midwife and a registered Public health Nurse. He is a certified family planning provider.  Dr. Nwozichi received his Bachelor of Nursing Science (BNSc)  at Babcock University, Master of Science in Nursing  (Medical-Surgical Nursing) at Rajiv Gandhi University Of Health Sciences,  Karnataka-India. He obtained his PhD in Nursing at Silliman University, Philippines.  His research area focuses on effective Chemotherapy administration, early cancer detection and cancer-related health information. He has written, presented and published several papers in indexed and referred journals as well as conferences and workshops locally and internationally. He is also currently serving as an editorial member of CANCER NURSING journal: the official journal of the International society of Nurses in Cancer care (ISNCC), Asia-Pacific Journal of Oncology Nursing, and BioMed Central . He is also a member of many  cancer health organizations, societies and committees such member of the ISNCC  corporate and philanthropic  Development committee. He has received many Nursing awards. Dr. Nwozichi can be reached at  nwozichichinomso@gmail.com  and nwozichic@babcock.edu.ng

Area of Research

Oncology Nursing, Adult health Nursing, Cancer-related information