Dr. Olutayo Shokunbi

Nutritional Biochemistry & Toxicology,

About Dr. Olutayo Shokunbi


I am an upcoming Nutritionist interested in optimizing the nutrient intakes of humans from various diets and food formulations. I am keen to find a position in a research team with a positive passion to solve or alleviate human health challenges. I am a good listener, diplomatic, patient and easy-going, dependable, coordinated under pressure, meticulous and God fearing. I want to develop critical thinking, problem solving skills, creativity and self-expression, while striving to apply the wisdom of the past and the discoveries of today to challenges of a rapidly growing and changing world. I aspire to be an original thinker rather than a mere reflector of other people’s thoughts. I also want to impact human race by giving qualitative holistic knowledge that builds ignited students for greater scientific exploits. These intentions are progressively being achieved on daily basis.

I have vast experiences on dietary intake assessment of adolescents and adult populations. I have led research team to apply dynamic nutrition education strategies to improving maternal and child health of over 350 mother-child pairs. I also have experiences in the analyses of metals in food and blood samples; on chemical and biochemical related assays including antioxidants (in vitro and in vivo), lipid profile, liver and kidney function tests, physico-chemical analyses, proximate analysis, anti-nutrient assays, and so on. Last and importantly, I have mastery in the operation of graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS), flame AAS and flame photometer.

Area of Research

Nutritional Biochemistry & Toxicology,