Mr. Opeyemi Debola Adetunji

Molecular Neuro-Endocrinology , Toxicology, Signaling and Molecular Neurobiology, Neurotrauma

About Mr. Opeyemi Debola Adetunji



ADETUNJI Opeyemi Adebola is a Lecturer of the Department of Anatomy, School of Basic Medical Sciences, Benjamin S. Carson (Snr.) College Health and Medical Sciences, Babcock University Nigeria. He is a member of the Society of Toxicologist (SOT), International Neurotoxicology Association (INA), International Brain Research Organization (IBRO), Society of Neuroscientists in Africa (SONA), Forum of Nigerian Toxicology (FONTO) and the International Society for Neurochemistry (ISN).

He holds a B.Tech., M.Sc., and M.Phil. in Anatomy (Cell Biology) from the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, University of Ilorin, and University of Ibadan Nigeria respectively and currently running his Ph.D. at University of Ibadan, Nigeria with primary focus on cellular mechanisms of Neuro-Endocrinology and Toxicology. As part of his research activities, Adetunji has visited several Universities for advanced courses and research in Cell Biology of Neural Systems; some of which includes Afe Babalola Medical College University and  Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria, Lagos state University college of medicine and University of lagos, Lagos, Nigeria.

He has won several researches and academic grants, among which is theVirtual Grant of the Federation of European Neuroscientists, Switzerland (FENS) and International Brain Research Organization-African Regional Committee (IBRO-ARC Grant).

He has published in renowned journals and held important patents in Neurotrauma, Toxicology, Neurodegeneration, Neurology, Endocrinology, Cellular Pathology/Chemistry, Molecular Embryology/Genetics and Biotechnology. He has authored 1 Books (188 pages) in the field of Embryology published in Nigeria and lots of Book Chapters in the field of Basic Medical Sciences based on researches.

Research Interest

Adetunji and his team currently studies aging and disease related changes in mGluR 2/3 and GSK3 distribution in the cortical layers 4-6 of neonates, adult and 6-OHDA lesioned mice. This study is aimed at demonstrating the re-distribution of mGluR 2/3 and GSK3 in the M1 of lesioned mice and how such re-distribution affects synaptic plasticity and motor-cognitive functions.


Area of Research

Molecular Neuro-Endocrinology , Toxicology, Signaling and Molecular Neurobiology, Neurotrauma