Fundamentals of Electronic Payment


The Babcock Centre for Open Distance and eLearning (CODeL) in cooperation
with the InterSwitch SkillBase Academy introduces a modularized 8 week ePayment online training.

What you need to know

The main thrust of the course is to expose and equip prospective enrollees (final year & penultimate) with the requisite knowledge that head starts their future career in the apparent global labour market which is increasingly becoming more and more competitive. Put simply, the skill acquisition and certificate obtained on completion of this course not only add recognizable value to the credibility of graduates but also enhances their employability chances.

Modules Available

The ePayment course titled “Fundamentals of Electronic Payment” consists of 5 Modules covering: E-Payment Evolution & Ecosystem
E-Payment Channels
Online Payment Systems
Cards & Loyalty

You are welcome to a very exciting and engaging self-paced eLearning program that will transform your lives and prepare you as professionals after graduation in a world driven more and more by technology. Babcock University prides herself on highly qualified graduates who in any post-graduation context stand tall amongst others.